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I specialize in lifestyle and small business branding photography in the western suburbs of Chicago.

What sets me apart from other photographers, is my flippin' ginormous heart, and stellar dad jokes. What brings me joy, is creating memories for the other big-hearted and goofy humans of the world.
Sarah here, reporting for duty as your #1 hype-girl, your favorite photographer, and your new BFF.

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'Sarah is the kindest, sweetest, most personable photographer you could ever hire. Her skills as a photographer are clearly and obviously evident but what makes her stand out from her peers is her friendly and genuine disposition as well as an unflappable demeanor. Sarah is the type of photographer that after your session you will miss, because being around her is such a blessing and you plot with your husband how you can become best friends with her in real life. 5 stars do not do her justice.' 

"5 stars do not do her justice."

-Melissa C.

- Rachel W.

'Look no further for your photographer; Sarah is incomparable. Not only is she an incredibly skilled photographer but she is SO MUCH FUN! She puts you at ease and makes everything very relaxed and enjoyable. At the same time she has seemingly endless amounts of energy. :D She is one of the most positive people I've had the pleasure to meet and will forever be my first choice for photography needs'

"Not only is she incredibly skilled but she is SO MUCH FUN!"

'Words cannot express how much we loved working with Sarah. She is a master of lighting and making you feel comfortable in front of the camera. She is a delight to work with, so FUN!!! She was prompt, and I felt like I've known her forever, and was totally up for sharing the goofiness of us! I can't recommend her enough, and I would work with her again in a heartbeat!!! Amazing human and amazing talent!!' 

"I felt like I've known her forever"

- Dana S.

'I cannot speak highly enough about her. She made two camera shy people feel completely comfortable and the pictures are BEAUTIFUL! She captured moments of our love that I will cherish forever. Seriously it is so hard to find a photographer who does a great job and makes you feel so comfortable! If I could give her more than five stars I would!'

"She made two camera shy people feel completely comfortable"

 -Jessica H.

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