meet sarah

Hey, Hi, Hello!

I recently had the time to take a step back and re-asses my business, my goals, my values, and what exactly it means to be a good business owner, ally, and human.

I have been working hard to build the company that I've always wanted to work for. To pay it forward every time I book a client. To speak up when I see injustice. To be SO true to myself and where my heart is, that I am actively attracting and repelling different types of people.

The smile behind the camera

In my best Southwest Flight attendant voice:
We know that you have many options when it comes to photography. So on behalf of Sarah and the rest of the team (mostly just me) at Sarah Crost Photography, thank you for choosing us (still me.)

I have the drive of a New Yorker 
and the heart of a Hawaiian. 
Fortunately for you, 
I am nestled in the Midwest.

my sam

Sam is my sweetheart, my husband, and has been my crush for many, many years.

I still see him with new eyes every morning. I swear I will never take him for granted, and never stop pinching his cute butt.
I am seriously going to be doting on him for forever. He will one day be 90+ years old, covered in age spots, wearing his pants up past his belly button, and still the hottest guy in ANY room.

I mean, OH MY GLOB, look how cute he is!!


WHAT bringS me joy

my Fam

These are the people who made me the woman I am today. They have taught me to walk, driven me to and from school, and countless cheerleading and track practices.
They supported me through college, gave me my first camera, and nurtured my creativity.

They have supported my passions and told me to be relentless when chasing my happiness.

For them, I am so dang grateful.


WHAT bringS me joy


They say you photograph what you love. So ever since I can remember, I have been taking pictures of my friends :)

These people are so special to me, and make my world go round. I am so grateful to have them on my team and to get to be on theirs. They are my top cheerleaders, motivators, and are just good humans who let me take pictures of them.

These humans have hearts of gold, and are so willing to share them with me.

They're also extremely good-looking if you ask me :)


WHAT bringS me joy


Maggie Rogers
Leon Bridges
Billie Eilish
James Blake

Death Cab For Cutie
Regina Spektor
Chance the Rapper
Sylvan Esso
Oh Wonder
Kacey Musgraves


WHAT bringS me joy

People are my passion, and it shows! I have been compared to a human golden retriever, which is SO spot on.  I am quite excitable, love eating more than I probably should, and I have an abundant love for the people around me.

Clients that work with me know that they’re going to have an extremely good time, but will also be well taken care of.

Like Allstate, (but without the saucy voice) you're in good hands.

what i do

Why I DO