meet sarah

Hey, Hi, Hello!

I have been working hard to build the company that I've always wanted to work for. To pay it forward every time I book a client. To speak up when I see injustice. To be SO true to myself and where my heart is, that I am actively attracting and repelling different kinds of people.

I have the drive of a New Yorker
and the heart of a Hawaiian.
Fortunately for you,
I am nestled in the Midwest.

Sarah here, reporting for duty as your #1 hype-girl, your favorite creative, and your new BFF.

The smile behind the camera

my sam

Sam is my sweetheart, my husband, and has been my crush for many, many years.

I still see him with new eyes every morning. I swear I will never take him for granted, and never stop pinching his cute butt.
I am seriously going to be doting on him for forever. He will one day be 90+ years old, covered in age spots, wearing his pants up past his belly button, and still the hottest guy in ANY room.

I mean, OH MY GLOB, look how cute he is!!


If you know me, you already know I'm a crazy dog mom with two of the craziest boys out there. 

Rusty is a Doberman Pinscher & Poodle mix (Doodleman).  He is a rescue doggo named after my childhood stuffed animal. He's insanely smart and hella anxious. His favorite past-times include turning on the stove, unloading the dishwasher, and letting himself out of the sliding doors.

Charlie is a standard red poodle, but we think he's the runt of the litter. Don't let his small stature fool you though, he is most definitely alpha dog. Charlie enjoys jumping on Rusty's back and riding him like a rodeo cowboy.

my Fam

These are the people who made me the woman I am today. They have taught me to walk, driven me to and from school, and countless cheerleading and track practices.
They supported me through college, gave me my first camera, and nurtured my creativity.

They have supported my passions and encouraged me to be relentless when chasing my happiness.

For them, I am so dang grateful.


They say you photograph what you love. So ever since I can remember, I have been taking pictures of my friends :)

These people are so special to me, and make my world go round. I am so grateful to have them on my team and to be on theirs.

They are my top cheerleaders, my challengers, and my chosen family.

They're also extremely good-looking if you ask me :)

WHAT bringS me joy


     Maggie Rogers
     Leon Bridges
     Billie Eilish
     James Blake

     Death Cab For Cutie
     Regina Spektor
     Sylvan Esso
     Oh Wonder

I'm constantly looking for new music, so feel free to send your favorites my way!

WHAT bringS me joy

WHAT bringS me joy

I have a deep love for meeting and taking care of other people.

I went to school for hospitality because my queasiness made me a lousy candidate for nursing school.

After being recruited straight out of college by the world's largest hospitality company, I quickly learned that hospitality management wasn't as "sunshine and rainbows" as I had imagined.

And so began my quest to serve others in a creative and welcoming way.

My service offerings change from year to year, but my goal will remain, to meet and take care of as many people as possible.

what i do

Why I DO