May 30, 2019

10 Reasons Why You Should Get Married in Maui

1. Perfect excuse for guests to “treat yo’ self” to a vacation

Maui is one of our very favorite places, so inviting all of our friends and family to come play with us there, seemed ideal. We told invitees, “If you need an excuse to get to Maui, THIS IS IT.”

Sunset at the Olowalu Plantation House

2. Permission to Hire a Planner

Even if you’re a Type-A bride, like myself, hiring a wedding planner for a destination wedding is a no-brainer. They have worked with countless wedding professionals, and can very easily make recommendations on who will be the best fit for your wedding day. I absolutely ADORED every single person and small business my planner recommended.

Lori Lawrence from Total Maui Events

3. Quality, not Quantity. Maximize time with guests

When wedding planning, you’ll quickly find that larger weddings are more expensive that smaller ones. I knew early on that I wanted my wedding day to be smaller, more intimate, and I wanted to be able to spend time with all of these people that meant so much to me.

Our amazing wedding group – Taken by our photographer guests from Bri Short Photography

4. Save money on decorating

No pipe and drape or uplighting is necessary with a view like THIS.

Large, white frame from Alter’d Maui

5. Gorgeous flowers are always in season

If flowers are as important to you, as they are to me, I recommend going the professional route. If you’re ballin’ on a budget, you can easily go to a local grocery store or flower market and find a breathtaking assortment of local blooms.

Gorgeous tablescapes and florals by Edit from Feather and Fern Maui

6. The Aloha spirit

Plainly put, the people are just nicer. Hospitality is in their blood. Making sure my family and friends were well taken care of, was easy. Maui cultivates the kindest humans who have hospitality in their blood. I tried so hard to bring our whole wedding team back to the mainland with me.

Stacey, who I consider family now, from Bars ‘R Us

7. The chillest dress code

Want to wear short and flip flops? That’s cool. Want to wear a Hawaiian shirt? That’s cool. Want to wear a white linen suit with an Elvis shirt? That’s AWESOME!

8. The Fresh FOOD!

Traditional Hawaiian BBQ prepared by Cafe O’Lei.

9. The fun continues all week long!

Chances are, guests flying in for your destination wedding are planning on making a week-long vacation of it. In order to keep everyone connected, I created a group specifically for our attending guests. So all guests, even ones traveling alone, could join or share activities or invites for new adventures. It was perfect for group snorkeling, zip-lining, or hiking trips, farmer’s market outings, grabbing a bite to eat at a local sushi joint, or brewery, going to a luau and show, or just being a beach bum until the sun sets. There’s always a group of friends for that.

10. Seeing all of your friends & family in the airport makes it easier to go home

Coordinate your travel dates and flight numbers to have people to hang out with at the gate, or watch your luggage while you run to get food.

Feel free to reach out with any questions, or if you need a photographer that loves Maui as much as you do!


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